Season Tickets

The CSC has a number of season ticket holders and two club owned seats also. Season ticket holders will obviously have first choice on their seat for all games at Parkhead. Any unused season tickets for a match will then be added to the CSC's match ticket allocation for distribution.

The CSC is able to offer an interest free instalment plan to those wishing to purchase their season ticket through the CSC. Please call or text 07719 440937 for more information.

Match Tickets

Match tickets will be offered on a first come, first served basis to members for games where there are no allocation issues. Where demand for tickets exceeds the allocation we have, the following points system will decide the distribution of tickets:

1 point for going on club organised travel to Celtic games against Sevco, Aberdeen, or Hearts home or away.

1 point for going on club organised travel to any Celtic cup games at a neutral venue.

1 point for going on any club organised travel to any competitive Celtic home European match

3 points for obtaining tickets via the CSC for any competitive Celtic away European match (travel and accomodation are your own responsibility)

2 points for going on any club organised travel to any other Celtic match not covered above

Each member started accruing points at the start of the 2015/2016 season, points will be held on a rolling 12 calendar months basis.

If you do not pay your membership fees by the annual deadline, your points accrued are re-set to zero, even if you subsequently pay your membership fees.

Where demand outstrips ticket availability, priority goes to those members with the most points.


6 tickets available for a game, 13 members want to go.

1 person has 26 points

2 people have 23 points

1 person has 20 points

3 people have 18 points

6 people have 15 points

Those with 20 points or more get a ticket.

Those 3 people on 18 points go into a ballot for the two remaining tickets.

Those with less than 18 points get no tickets.

Members can check their points tally with Damien Malone at any time.